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Pantheon selection


The foods of the gods! A hamper of Greek deliciousness, featuring some of our favourite essentials no home should be without.

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The Greek foods of the gods! From the olive goodness of Kalamata olive paste, Green olives, Latzimas extra virgin olive oil to awarded feta, sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed cherry peppers, pure Greek honey and delicious halva, this Greek cupboard staple selection makes the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself.

The Pantheon selection includes some of our most popular products, including: Greek Honey 450g; Latzimas Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml; Cherry Peppers stuffed with cheese 270g; Melina Kalamata Olive Paste 135g; The Greek Deli whole Green olives 310g; The Greek Deli whole Kalamata olives 310g; Epiros Feta Original DOP 200g; Melina Sun Dried Tomatoes 300g; Halva Salonikios with Cocoa 200g.