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  • Abaton Agiorgritiko Red 750ml

    Abaton Agiorgritiko Red 750ml


    The Agiorgitiko variety is the most famous red grape variety in Greece. This wine is produced from local vine growers in the Peloponnese, with the grapes grown at an altitude varying from 250 to 400 metres. It has elegant notes of sweet spices and the variety`s trademark roundness in flavours, with a fruity after taste.

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  • Abaton Agriotiko White 750ml

    Abaton Agriotiko White 750ml


    This special Greek white wine is produced at the St. Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos. It is a combination of Athiri (50%) and Assyrtiko (50%) varieties. The vineyards of Mount Athos are cultivated by the Monks. Abaton is one of the rare wines produced in the holy region of Greece.

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  • Ellinas Red 750ml

    Ellinas Red 750ml


    One of our best-selling reds. This wine embodies 100% Greek flavours.

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  • Ellinas White 750ml

    Ellinas White 750ml


    Our house wine, ideal to accompany all of our dishes, with devoted fans all across our restaurants.

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